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Alexandra Ciaraldi
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Toronto, Canada
Membre depuis le  5 janvier 2012
Dernière mise à jour :  10 juillet 2012
  • Année de promotion : 2012
  • Ville : Toronto
  • Province : Ontario
  • Pays : Canada
  • Cellulaire : 519-242-3477

À propos :

The fashion industry is an interest that has followed me since I was a child. My first experience in fashion was watching my aunt create Barbie clothes for me to play with. She introduced me to my first sewing machine and I began to experiment.

During my high school years I would continue to pursue my interest in fashion, but I was guided towards the field of science. I applied to the University of Waterloo and studied in Honours Biochemistry for a year. I enjoyed learning the subject matter, but I did not see myself pursuing a career in science. I followed my heart and headed back towards fashion.

I looked into fashion schools in Canada, and decided Fashion Marketing at LaSalle College would satisfy me the most. The courses allowed me to touch on different aspects of the fashion industry and discover where I want to be in a few years down the line. I hope to work with numbers throughout my career in the Fashion idustry-- I want to be where finaces meet fashion.

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Entreprise 2012; Finances

This year, I am one of seven students who are planning Entreprise; LaSalle College's annual event showcasing the Fashion Marketing graduates to the industry. My part on this team is to manage all the financials and help with fundraising and sponsorship. This position demonstrates my strengths in managing numbers and details.


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